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All Nyenrode students of the Accountancy degree program (Bachelor, Pre-Master, Master and Post-Master) can apply for a VAS-PAS and take out an annual subscription. For only € 25, – you can take out this annual subscription and enjoy various benefits to the fullest!

With the VAS-PAS you get discounts and priority on the registrations of activities and events organized by the VAS, discount on the coolest articles in the VAS webshop and also discounts at various companies throughout the country!

With an annual subscription to the VAS-PAS you enjoy plenty of benefits such as:

  • 15% discount on all VAS activities and priority on registration;
  • 15% discount on the sailing weekend and the citytrip;
  • 20% discount in the VASSHOP;
  • 15% discount on online shopping at PAKKEND in Amsterdam;
  • 15% discount on custom made products at PAKKEND;
  • 25% discount on business women’s clothing at NAN;
  • 15% discount on bags at Mutsaers;
  • 12.5% discount on bags and accessories at ROOZ Amsterdam;
  • 50 euro discount on crowd funding bags at ROOZ Amsterdam.

Order your digital VAS-PAS including annual subscription now via the order page by clicking here!

To be able to activate your digital VAS-PAS, you will receive an activation email from us as soon as possible. Follow the instructions carefully, and you can immediately access your VAS-PAS! Your subscription will be registered in the VAS registration system by name and card number. The pass is therefore not tied to an academic year. This makes it easy to renew your annual subscription after expiry and you also have the option to keep your current digital VAS-PAS.

The annual subscription will start from the date you ordered the digital VAS-PAS. This means that your VAS-PAS is immediately registered and can be used. The subscription to the VAS-PAS is valid throughout the year, until one year after the date of commencement of your annual subscription, for all activities and events held within this period, as well as for purchases made during this period.

If you have any questions about the VAS-PAS or the subscription, you can always contact us at

Have fun with the benefits of your VAS-PAS!