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The board

The board of the VAS is charged with various general matters and provides direction to the various committees within the association. The activities of the board include steering the organization of various member activities (organized by the activities committee and the VASSA committee), conducting the administration of the association, relationship management and maintaining contact with (the board of) the Nyenrode Business University, the NBA, the NBA Young Profs, The Accountables, other accountancy study associations and various accountancy firms.

The board is constituted annually based on the needs of the General Meeting of Members.

For the board year 2022 – 2023, the board consists of the following members:

  • Delano Tolhuisen (Chairman)
  • Victor Smorenburg (Vice Chairman)
  • Rick Voogd (Treasurer)
  • Anne Kock (Chairman Activities Committee)
  • Chérie Offenberg (Chairman VASSA Committee)
  • Sanne Wiggers (General Board Member)

Check out the individual pages of the board members below to learn more about them!

Delano Tolhuisen

Victor Smorenburg
Vice Chairman

Rick Voogd

Anne Kock
Chairman Activities Committee

Chérie Offenberg
Chairman VASSA Committee

Sanne WIggers
General Board Member