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Activities committee

The activities committee is one of the most important bodies within the VAS and organizes drinks, activities and weekends away for the members. The goal of the committee is to bring students together in places other than the university and the office. The committee creates moments to have fun, share experiences and make new contacts.

The activities committee consists of a number of members who are committed to organizing the activities of the VAS and to ensure that the members run smoothly. At the moment the AC consists of:

Anne Kock (chairman/board member)
Kim Schrama
Jos Klomp
Bram Terwijn
Lars Crossing
Brecht Luttik

In academic year 2022/2023, the activities committee organizes the following activities:

The introduction activity for the 1st year students in the Kartfabrique
4 drinks in cities where lectures take place
A city trip to Bruges
A sailing weekend
An evening bowling
A sporting activity

In any case, the events of the activities committee are always announced via our Instagram, in the VAS WhatsApp groups (VAS groupsapp and VAS announcements-app) and in our activity calendar. Nice if you’re there, we’ll make it a fantastic time together! For questions and comments about the activities committee, you can send a message to